Our aim is to conserve resources, reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Flextem - the smart choice for green innovations and responsible film processing

Our aim at flextem is to conserve resources, reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. As part of our efforts towards sustainable practices, we have successfully converted our company fleet to hybrid vehicles. We have also provided our employees with wallboxes at the site to promote the use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles. At [Firmenname], we not only focus on green innovations, but also actively integrate environmentally friendly measures into our day-to-day work.

Technical film processing plays a crucial role in many industries, from packaging solutions to construction projects. In view of the growing global sustainability requirements, it is becoming increasingly important to use environmentally friendly materials and processes in this industry. One promising approach to improving sustainability in technical film processing is the use of Flextem.

Flextem is an innovative material that is establishing itself as an environmentally friendly alternative in film processing. It consists of thermoplastic polymers that are recyclable and thus reduce the use of disposable plastics. In addition, Flextem itself is recyclable, which enables a closed-loop economy.

Another advantage of Flextem is its energy efficiency. The production of Flextem films consumes fewer resources and produces less waste compared to conventional plastics. This helps to reduce the ecological footprint of technical film processing.

The durability of Flextem is also remarkable. It offers high resistance to UV radiation, chemicals and mechanical wear, which significantly extends the service life of products made from technical films. This reduces the need for frequent replacement and minimizes waste.

Flextem can also be efficiently integrated into the manufacturing process. It can be processed using modern technologies such as extrusion, injection molding and blow molding, which increases flexibility in production and allows it to be adapted to different applications.

Sustainability in technical film processing with Flextem is a promising approach to reducing environmental impact while meeting industry requirements. The use of environmentally friendly materials such as Flextem helps to achieve sustainability goals and protect our environment without compromising on performance and quality. It is time to put technical film processing on the path to sustainability and Flextem is an important step in this direction.