Connection technology

Connection technologies for cables on flexible heating foils: customized solutions for your requirements

The right connection technology plays a decisive role in the integration of flexible heating foils in a wide range of applications. At flextem, we offer a variety of innovative approaches to safely and efficiently connect cables to flexible heating foils to ensure a reliable power supply.

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Piercing contact: The piercing contact is an innovative solution for connecting cables safely and effectively to flexible heating foils. This technology enables a contactless connection by piercing the contact through the insulation material of the heating foil. The advantage lies in the minimal impairment of the heating foil structure, which ensures high integrity and reliability of the connection. Piercing contact is particularly useful in applications where maintaining the structural integrity of the heating foil is critical.

Crimping: Crimping technology offers an efficient way of connecting cables to flexible heating foils. This method enables a fast and reliable connection, whereby the crimp contacts are firmly connected to the cables. This not only ensures good electrical conductivity, but also enables easy installation.

Rivet contact: For applications that require a firm mechanical connection, rivet contacts offer a robust solution for connecting cables to flexible heating foils. These fixed connections are particularly suitable for environments with vibrations or mechanical loads. The high-precision rivet contacts not only ensure a secure electrical connection, but also long-term stability.

Customized potting based on polyamide (PA)

To provide additional protection for the connections between cables and flexible heating foils and increase their durability, we offer customized potting solutions based on polyamide (PA). This encapsulation creates a robust and insulating layer around the joints, protects against external influences such as moisture and chemicals and thus helps to extend the service life of the heating foils.

We apply the highest quality standards to ensure that your heating foils work reliably and efficiently. Discover the variety of connection technologies and potting options we can offer you and optimize your industrial heating processes. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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