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Development process of a flexible heating foil: from initial contact to series production

Customer inquiry and needs analysis: The development process for a flexible heating foil begins with a customer inquiry. Our employees work closely with you to understand your specific requirements. This includes the type of application, required performance characteristics, environmental conditions and other relevant factors.

Concept development and design: Based on the requirements recorded, our engineers develop a concept for the flexible heating foil. They take into account factors such as material selection, structural design and technical specifications. Close cooperation with the customer enables continuous coordination and adaptation of the design.

Prototype development: Once the design has been approved, prototypes are produced. These prototypes are used to test the functionality and performance of the heating foil. Tests and evaluations are carried out to ensure that the heating foil meets the requirements and achieves optimum results in the desired application.

Customer-specific adaptations and feedback: The prototypes are presented to the customer and possible adaptations are discussed. Customer feedback flows directly into the development process. This approach enables fine-tuning and ensures that the flexible heating foil precisely meets the customer’s requirements.

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Optimization and fine-tuning: Based on customer feedback, the design and performance of the heating foil is optimized. This step may involve several loops to ensure that the heating foil functions optimally and meets the highest quality standards.

Production preparation: After successful optimization, the flexible heating foil is prepared for series production. This includes the selection of production facilities, the procurement of materials and the definition of manufacturing processes.

Series production and quality control: The flexible heating foil goes into series production. During this process, strict quality controls are carried out to ensure that each unit meets the high standards. This includes electrical tests, performance tests and other relevant inspections.

Delivery and customer support: Once series production is complete, the flexible heating foils are delivered to the customer. Our customer support is still available to ensure that the heating foils are optimally integrated and used.

The entire development process is characterized by close cooperation with the customer to ensure that the flexible heating foil not only meets the technical requirements, but can also be optimally integrated into the planned application.

At flextem, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities – from the initial inquiry through to series production.