fabric heaters

Fabric heaters for a wide range of applications

The integration of heating conductors in high-quality fabrics creates flexible and robust heating solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications. From industrial processes to medical technology and aerospace, our fabric heaters offer precise temperature control and maximum adaptability.

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Silicone heaters

Silicone heaters - efficiency and flexibility combined

Our silicone heaters set new standards in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The use of high-quality silicone not only enables excellent heat transfer, but also extreme adaptability to complex shapes and surfaces. These heating solutions are ideal for applications where uniform heating and precise temperature control are required.

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Fabric & silicone heaters

Heat for cold tiles

Our fleece heating systems for use in floors. With advanced technology, they provide even and efficient heat for cold tiles. The flexible integration of the lightweight fleece material ensures optimum warming and increases comfort. Experience innovative heating technology for comfortable rooms.

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Technical data

Spannungsbereich 1 – 400V / DC+AC
Temperaturbeständigkeit20°C – 450°C
Flächenleistung> 0,7 W /cm²
Leistung> 16000W
FolienflächeMax. 2000 x 1800mm
KontaktartenSplice-Technik, Crimptechnik, Löttechnik
Werkstoffez.B. Polyester, PU, Polyamid, Aramid, 

Areas of application

  • Textile heating elements
  • Seat heaters
  • Safety textiles
  • EMC filter elements
  • RFID antennas