Innovative quality with flextem

Our printed electrical sensors - precision in every application

Innovative quality with flextem

Why choose flextem for printed electrical sensors

Temperature sensors: Our printed electrical temperature sensors offer precise and reliable measurements in real time. The innovative printing technology enables these sensors to be integrated into a wide variety of environments and processes. Rely on exact temperature data for precise control of your industrial systems.

Pressure sensors: Our printed pressure sensors provide accurate pressure measurements for a wide range of applications. The flexible nature of these sensors allows them to be integrated into complex structures and systems. Track pressure changes in real time to ensure optimum conditions in your industrial processes.

Hygroscopy sensor technology: flextem’s printed hygroscopy sensor technology offers precise monitoring of humidity levels in industrial environments. These sensors are designed to be used in various industries, from food processing to the pharmaceutical industry. Get accurate humidity data for efficient control of your production environment.

Innovative technology: Our sensors are based on state-of-the-art printed electronics that ensure flexible integration and high performance.

Adaptability: flextem’s printed electrical sensor technology can be adapted to the specific requirements of your applications. We offer customized solutions that can be flexibly integrated into your processes.

Reliability: Rely on our sensors for precise and reliable measurements. We attach great importance to quality and durability.

Easy integration: The flexible nature of our printed electrical sensors facilitates integration into existing systems. Minimize downtimes and optimize your industrial processes.

Discover the benefits of our printed electrical sensors and revolutionize the way you control your industrial processes. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. flextem – Your partner for innovative sensor solutions in the industry.

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Sensor technology

Precise temperature monitoring for optimum battery performance

Our sensor foils offer a cutting-edge technological solution for the precise temperature measurement of batteries. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, they enable precise monitoring, optimize performance and ensure safe battery use. Rely on innovation for maximum efficiency and service life of your battery systems.

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