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Our flexible heating foils with constant resistance - reliable heat output for your applications

Constant heat output: The flexible heating foil with constant resistance ensures a constant heat output over the entire surface. This constant temperature is crucial for applications where precise and reliable heating is required.

Versatile applications: Our flexible heating foils are suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries. Whether in medical technology, the food industry or mechanical engineering – our solutions adapt flexibly to the requirements of your specific application.

Flexibility and adaptability: The flexibility of our heating foils enables easy adaptation to complex shapes and geometries. This makes them ideal for applications where traditional heating methods reach their limits.

Simple integration: Our flexible heating foils with constant resistance can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes. The simple installation minimizes downtimes and facilitates implementation in a wide variety of systems.

Energy efficiency: With our focus on efficiency and sustainability, we offer heating solutions that are not only reliable but also energy-efficient. Optimized heat transfer means that only the necessary energy is consumed, resulting in cost savings and environmental friendliness.

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Features heating foils / foil heaters

TechnologienKonstantwiderstand DrucktechnikKonstantwiderstand ÄtztechnikPTC-DrucktechnikVlies -/Gewebe- heizungen
Leistung>1000W>1000WTemperaturabhängig> 16000 W
Flächenleistung> 10 W/cm2> 10 W/cm2> 2 W/cm2> 0,7 W/cm2
KontaktartenFFC-Crimptechnik MQS CrimpDoppelnietFFC-Crimptechnik
MQS CrimpDoppelniet und Löttechnik
FFC-Crimptechnik MQS CrimpDoppelnietSplice-Technik, Crimptechnik, Löttechnik
Werkstoffez. B. Polyester (PETP), PEN, Polyimid (Kapton®)z. B. Polyester (PETP), PEN, Polyimid (Kapton®)z. B. Polyester (PETP), PEN, Polyimid (Kapton®)z. B. Polyster, PU, Polyamid, Aramid, E-Glas

Constant heating foils

Precise de-icing for reliable measurements

Our heating foils guarantee reliable de-icing of weather stations. Through targeted heat input, they efficiently eliminate ice formation, ensure clear measurement data and minimize energy losses. The flexible adaptability of the films makes them an innovative solution for precise and interference-free meteorological measurements.

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