PTC-heating technology

Intelligent technology!

The self-regulating PTC characteristic makes it possible to use the heater in many cases without any thermal control or surveillance. In combination with our converting solutions and add-ons (e.g. testing equipment) we complete the technology.

PTC – Positive Temperature Coefficient means the characteristic of an increasing resistance while increasing the temperature. For this reason it is possible to control the power for every point of power output on the heater.

flextem PTC heaters are electrical selfregulating heating elements. The heater is manufactured using silver or copper substrates which are connected by a carbon layer thus allowing the supply of electricity into the carbon com- pound. The Flextem PTC heating foils guarantee an optimum power consumption because they only deliver new warmth when there is a need.


  1. precisely self-regulation
  2. precisely temperature limits
  3. fast heat up
  4. no electronic surveillance needed
  5. geometry is customizable
  6. nearly complete area-covering

The heater is made of silver or cupper substrate, which is connected by a carbon layer. This set up enables to supply the electricity into the carbon compound. The Flextem PTC heating foils guarantee an optimum of power consumption because they only deliver new warmth when there is a need.

Features PTC

Voltage range
1– 230 V/DC+AC
Dependent on temperature
> 2 W/cm2
max. 970 x 650 mm
Connection type
FFC-crimp MQS crimp
e.g. polyester (PETP), PEN, polyimide (Kapton®)
Temperature range

Battery unit heater

In times of e-mobility and the energy revolution, we focus on sustainable solutions. In colder days, battery units need to be heated in order to be charged properly. Self-regulating heating foils from Flextem ensure a fast and safe charging at lower temperatures.

Complete assembly

Because of our attached cable assembly and our connection to many suppliers we offer a wide range of solutions.

Battery heater

Even the smallest battery has to be heated at low temperatures. Besides the battery unit heater we deliver heating systems for single batteries in emergency and alert systems.

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