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The application of heat is one of the oldest complementary medicines.

Blood vessels in particular absorb this warmth and transport it. Infrared radiation directly and profoundly enters the inside of the body and achieves desirable highly efficient medical results.

Heat is also shown to give good results when dealing with pain; it especially eases discomfort of the locomotors musculoskeletal system, for example in the treatment of chronic joint inflammation and muscle strains as well as internal organs that respond to heat when directly applied through the skin

In medicine, as well as physiotherapy, heat has at all times played a major role. The domain of infrared heating is frequently used therapeutically and the results speak for themselves. Healthy radiant heat is successfully used during the treatment of osteoporosis and rheumatic illnesses.


Blood plasma heater

Medicine – every detail and every second counts. Our heater for the blood plasma ensures a fast but gentle defrosting. Our performance characteristics guarantees a short heat up time while ensuring the intactness of the blood plasma.

Infrared heater

Flextem infrared heating foils are used in the manufacturing process of infrared saunas or heating systems. The infrared heat rays support the resistance and self-healing process of our body and contribute to the regeneration of body and soul.

Mirror heater

After taking a shower or in colder seasons the mirror is fogged. Attempts to clean it with a towel or the hair dryer won’t lead to a satisfying result. Heaters from Flextem prevent the mirror from fogging up.

Tile heater

You surely know about underfloor heating. We evolved it to a partial and customer specific heating solution. Industrial buildings, salesrooms and open working zones can be heated where it is needed. You decide where the heat is needed as it is possible to only heat specific areas in the room. Our customers have a heating on spot, which also comes with lower energy costs.

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