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flextem switchboard heaters have proven track record of reliability within sending de- vices of the mobile radio telephone service industry. The controlled foil heating elements provide a secure operation in these sending devices during temperatures below freezing. Our patented magnetic-field-free technique provides sending power with no interruptions. A laminated CU coating additionally provides an electrostatic shielding and an ideal heat distribution with surface performances of up to 1.6 kW per device.

flextem appliances heaters are used in high performance transformers for the thermal regulation.

flextem display heaters provide a fast response time even during low temperatures.

flextem infrared heaters are used to simulate the body heat of passengers in different vehicles. With this technology the customer is able to test overheating in case of a failure of the A/C.

The exact resistance value of our conductor path is meanwhile also used as a security resistor in high quality electronic parts. With mechanical manipulation the power input changes and the security resistor causes an utilisable impulse.

Flexible defroster heating devices are seen in action keeping satellite antennas free from ice and snow as well as in professional weather stations to prevent snow coverage.

Anti condensate heater

Various exterior applications need frost protection. Orbital- and application heater for exterior application can withstand these tough conditions.
Thanks to the accurate heat input sensitive electronic is kept free from frost and condensate.
We develop customized solutions to suit every shape and power needed.

Camera heater

Camera lenses and systems are increasingly used in very sensitive areas. Heating foils from flextem prevent frost and condensate and guarantee a clear view at every condition.

Safety sensor

The exact resistance of our conducting paths can also be used as safety sensors. If the foil is mechanically manipulated the resistance changes and the safety sensor in combination with the suiting electronic raises an alarm.

Display heater

Flextem heaters guarantee a clear display and a short circuit time even when the temperature is low. Among others, Flextem display heaters are used in ticket terminals for the local transport.

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