Fabric and fleece heater

Flexibility for highest standards!

flextem fabric and fleece heaters are made to endure the toughest conditions that automotive and furniture appliances are exposed to.

By using different carriers such as polyester or glasscloth, we can deliver flexible heating elements. Using embroidering technology, we apply resistance wires to the carrier as a mean- der form and as with the foil heating elements the geometry can be individually adapted.

The technology allows higher temperature ranges of up to 400 °C together with the ability to manufacture larger sizes with a maxi- mum of 1.400 mm x 10.000 mm.

As well as this, there are additional options for the assembly such as integrated thermal monitoring and controls which also include the full range of our cable assembly.

Technical specifications

Voltage range
1 – 400V / DC+AC
> 16000W
> 0,7 W /cm²
Max. 2000 x 1800mm
Connection type
Splice-technology, crimp, soldering
e.g. polyster, PU, poly- amide, aramid, e-glas
Temperature range
20°C – 450°C

Field of application

  1. Textile heating elements
  2. Seat heater
  3. Safety textiles
  4. EMC filter elements
  5. RFID antenna

Chairlift heater

It’s a long way to the summit. We make sure you won’t freeze while having a comfortable ride to the top.

Stadium seat heater

Based on the seat heater for cars, heating systems for stadium seats can be found in some of the major stadiums of Germany. Our customers rely on the well-known technology, which we transfer into the stadium.

Valve heater

Frozen pipes and stuck valves – a common problem in colder seasons. We offer solutions for industrial facilities, water reservoirs, water pipes and connector.

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