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Ice covered or clouded exterior mirrors are immense road risks. flextem heating foils for outside mirrors ensure clear views in traffic all year-round.The PETP thin layer method allows us to have a performance tolerance of < +/- 10% even when a small space of < 0,2 mm is required.

For interior applications flextem heating foils also protect complicated filter and discharge systems inside the vehicle from frost and condensation water. These foil heaters can be found operating in all BMW 6 cylinder Diesel vehicles.

Complex lens techniques are protected from steaming up and provide increased safety while inside the passenger cabin flextem heating foils guarantee comfort and well-being.

Trace heating from flextem, through the spiral winding, allows an exact constant heat distribution in the smallest space/room. Heat output can be designed specifically depending on the surface. The MQS-multi contact plug systems often used in the automotive industry are examples of this in operation.

Displays and window systems are cleared from ice and fog with flextem heating technology. As an example flextem heating foils for rear windows guarantee a clear view for the snow plow trucks at the JFK airport in New York.

Heating foils designed for e-mobility – intelligent and secure thermo management for battery systems.
Our brand-new and self-regulating PTC heating technology automatically adapts to the surrounding thermal conditions and due to its changing resistance property is able to pro- vide a homogenous heat distribution, even if some areas have a different heating load. Partial hotspots or a complete overheating can be avoided. The characteristics and the power output can be individually adapted. These systems can be found, for example, at leading Tier I + IIs, as well as at various OEMs.


In close cooperation with leading OEMs, UREA film heating systems are used for AdBlue® technology in SCR catalysts.


Filter heater

Interior Flextem-heating foils also protect complicated filter and discharge systems inside the motor from frost and condensate. These foil heaters among other things are used in all Diesel motors of the BMW 6 cylinder line.

Battery heating foil

Heating foils for e-mobility are an intelligent and safe heat management for battery systems.
Our newly developed PTC-technology regulates itself to suit every thermal situation.

Trace heater

Trace heating from Flextem, by the spiral winding, allows an exact constant heat distribution on the smallest space/room. The heat output can be designed differently within the surface. The MQS-multi contact plug systems, which are often used in the automotive industry, also come into operation.

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