Heating foils

Our company develops and produces customized heating foils on client specific requests.

flextem heating foils are found where integrated specific heating, cooling and insulation techniques are required. Often, these heating foils operate invisibly and within sophisticatedly structured objects. The fabrication results from a specially designed and patented typography by flextem is based on thick film pastes for different backing/carrying foils. Innovation and quality are the basis for the manufacturing of all our products. Independent scientific research has shown that flextem heating foils achieve unrivalled performance.

Features Heating Foils

Technology Constant resistance
- printing technology
Constant resistance
- etching technology
PTC – printing technology Fabric and fleece heaters
Voltage range 1– 400 V/DC+AC 1– 400 V/DC+AC 1– 230 V/DC+AC 1– 400 V/DC+AC
Power >1000W >1000W Dependent on temperature > 16000 W
Power/ cm² > 10 W/cm2 > 10 W/cm2 > 2 W/cm2 > 0,7 W/cm2
Diameter max. 970 x 650 mm max. 500 x 600 mm max. 970 x 650 mm max. 2000 x 1800 mm
Connection type FFC-Crimp,
MQS Crimp
MQS Crimp and soldering
MQS Crimp
Materials e.g. Polyester (PETP), PEN, Polyimid (Kapton®) e.g. Polyester (PETP), PEN, Polyimid (Kapton®) e.g. Polyester (PETP), PEN, Polyimid (Kapton®) e.g. Polyster, PU, Polyamid, Aramid, E-Glas
Temperature range
-20°C–120°C -20°C–120°C -20°C–120°C -20°C–450°C

Technical sectors:

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