Industrial adhesive tapes


Below is an overview of the products included in our range. These can be supplied in rolls ranging from 1,5 mm width up to 1.200 mm (depending on material). On request we would be pleased to supply samples and technical data sheets.

Technical specifications

Material description
Styles / Properties / Applications
Metalized tapes
Shielding tapes, conductive and contact tapes, vapour and humidity barrier (copper, aluminium, lead)
Double sided adhesive tapes
Screen- and display printing industry, diverse assembling device etc.
Galvanic masking tape
Surface protection or for coverage at galvanic processes, e.g. soldering baths or powder coatings
Reflection tapes
Aluminium, PETP and PE aluminium evaporated
Splicing tapes
Splicing of adhesive and repellent materials (e.g. foils and siliconized papers)
Foam tapes
With various adhesives and carriers
With various adhesives and carriers
High temperature with extraordinary sliding properties
Cloth tapes
Bundling of cable harnesses, as signing and identification in different versions and colours

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