Electrical adhesive tapes

flextem stands for quality and reliability, which is why we are trusted by customers in industries ranging from automotive to medical and traffic systems to printing.


Electrical adhesive tapes from flextem

We can supply a range of basic carriers such as:

  • Paper
  • PVC
  • Polyester (PETP)
  • Polyimide (e.g. Kapton®)
  • PEN
  • Aramid (NOMEX®)
  • and also laminations of these products

Also, we can supply these products with adhesives, which include natural rubber, acrylics and silicone.


Technical specifications

Insulating material
Base material
Applications / Properties
E / 90° C
PVC foils
Pliant carrier material, good isolating properties, chemical resistance, weather resistance
A / 105 ° C
Paper, canvas, fleece
Inexpensive tapes with good impregnating varnish absorption
B / 130 ° C
Polyester foils, polyester laminate, polyester fleece
In diverse taping versions, material strengths, colours and material combinations to fix wires, foils etc.
F / 155° C
For high temperature isolation, good impregnating varnish absorption
F / 155° C
NOMEX ®-laminate
See above, but with increased mechanical stability and tensile strength
F / 155° C
Fiber glass / NOMEX®
Ductile interlayer insulation
H / 180° C
Fiber glass / KAPTON®
Depending on application temporarily to 350 °C

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