We offffer fully customized design service of foil punched parts and formed parts.

We provide a wide range of die cut pieces, which can be individual or in roll form, and through the latest laminating technology these can also be offered in a variety of product combinations.

We can supply dies for full-scale production, but can also offer a prototype service (plotter technology).

Punched parts from flextem:

  1. Merchandise rolles
  2. Single parts
  3. Adhesive (single-sided or double-sided)
  4. Clad from laminate
  5. Printed

Formed parts from flextem


  1. Die-cast components
  2. Stamped components
  3. Deep draw pressing
  4. Welded components
  5. Milled components
  6. Sawed components

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Holger Trupke

Sales Manager
+49 62 39 / 99 79 9-23

Lars Keiz

+49 62 39 / 99 79 9-12

Barbara Hartinger

Customer service, order fulfilment
+49 62 39 / 99 79 9-11


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