Precision and quality – all of our processes follow these two principles.

That is how we designed our philosophy, which gathers all the business related activities into one effective QM system.

It defines our contact with customers, employees, suppliers, partners, resources and our environment.



Above everything else is the contentment of our customers – all our processes are focused on it. With products and solutions in highest quality according to the customers requirement we ensure every customer gets the best possible solution.



Our flexible team full of motivated employees approaches every challenge with their Know-How. All of our employees are included in quality-relevant processes and are an important part of the whole.
We are working as a team to optimize all of our processes.


Suppliers / partners:

To ensure highest qualities our requirements for our suppliers and partners are as high as the ones we set ourselves. Because of the close cooperation with our partners and an evaluation on a regular basis, we can ensure an always-high quality.



In all of our processes and services, we pay attention to the careful and conscious use of the necessary resources, because protecting our environment is important to us.



In the manual and all of our documents, the requirements of the ISO 9001 are implemented.


Hereby the management pledges to maintain and further develop / improve the quality management as well as meeting applicable requirements.

Do you have any further questions ?

Holger Trupke

Sales Manager
+49 62 39 / 99 79 9-23

Lars Keiz

+49 62 39 / 99 79 9-12

Barbara Hartinger

Customer service, order fulfilment
+49 62 39 / 99 79 9-11


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